The Undaunted ...The Battle of Bladensburg War of 1812
Reenactors at Riversdale Annual Battle of Bladensburg (MNCPPC).  The Battle of Bladensburg Task Force is committed to telling the story of the military actions and civilian life that preceded, surrounded, and followed the Battle of Bladensburg on August 24, 1814. Through a Visitor Center, walking and bike tours, sites, events and signage, the Task Force is working with partners across the area to ensure visitors and the community understands that without the Battle of Bladensburg and Prince George’s County, the Star Spangled Banner and the success at Baltimore would not have occurred. The Battle of Bladensburg / War of 1812 Commemoration will occur over 2012-2014 with multiple events, activities, and sites. Come and visit and experience the history!

Visit a partner site – Bladensburg Archaeology – for a detailed video about the battle history!