Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the speed camera program work?

A: The ASES or Automated Speed Enforcement Systems are comprised of a speed measurement device, camera, and a computer. Speed measuring devices identify motorists traveling 12mph or more over the posted speed limit. Cameras capture license plate images of violations and computers record all of the relevant data associated with the violation.


Q: Who is responsible for paying the citation?

A: The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the citation, however you can assign responsibility to another person but the final responsibility still ends with the vehicle owner. 


Q: How is the speed being determined? Laser or radar?

A: Our speed cameras all use Lidar which is a laser-style speed-measuring device which is vehicle specific. 


Q: Can more than one vehicle get a ticket at a time?

A: Our lidar system will identify the vehicle that is speeding and which lane it is in and is capable of issuing multiple violations at the same time. 

Q: How can you detect that my vehicle is the speeding vehicle if more than one vehicle is present in the image?

A: If you look at the image on your citation, you will see a box outline on your vehicle this identifies the vehicle that was picked up by the lidar. You will also see on the top of your image that that it lists what lane the vehicle was in and you can compare that to your image.  


Q: Why is there no video online of the incident?

A: Maryland law requires that we show an image of the license plate and two images of the vehicle which show receding movement. There is no requirement for videos to be taken under Maryland Law and the vendor that we use does not offer videos only still photos.


Q: How can you be 100% sure? 

A: We can be 100% sure because of the lidar system identifies which lane the vehicle is in and again is vehicle specific.


Q: What happens when two overlapped cars are in the photo frame?

A: The system is capable of issuing multiple citations to vehicles in multiple lanes at the same time as long as both vehicles can be picked up by the Lidar. If the speeding vehicle is blocked it will either issue no tickets or one to the other vehicle if that vehicle was speeding.  


Q: What do I do if I want to dispute a ticket?

A: You do have the option to request a court date, and we will present this along with other information to a judge who will make a determination. (This information is listed on the back of your citation)


Q: How much is the fine?

A: Speed camera tickets in Maryland carry a $40 fine


Q: Will my insurance go up if I pay the fine?

A: No, speed camera violation in Maryland are civil and do not get reported on your driving record or to your insurance company.


Q: What can I do if I feel my citation was issue in error?

A: If you received a speed camera ticket that you believe was issued in error, the speed camera  ombudsman provides you the opportunity to have your citation reviewed before you make a payment or request a court date you can email to request a review.