Street Maintenance
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The Public Works Department maintains all roads within the Town of Bladensburg including:

  • Repainting yellow curbs every summer; and
  • Maintaining and repairing all Stop Signs, Street Signs and Crosswalks.

Snow / Ice Removal

The Town of Bladensburg is responsible for providing passable conditions over a network of almost 30 miles of Town maintained roadways. The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing roadways including plowing, salting, or sanding, as warranted by weather conditions.

Property owners, Commercial properties and Apartments are responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks along their property within 24 hours after precipitation has stopped. Please do NOT shovel the snow/ice back into the street.
Always try to park you vehicles as close to the curb as possible so the plow trucks can operate safely.

Storm Water Management
Storm drains within the Town of Bladensburg are maintained by the Prince George’s County storm water management. Dial 3-1-1. Although the Town of Bladensburg Public Works Department makes sure the top grate is clear of any debris or litter especially during rain storms.

PotHolePicV1-300x217Help keep our waterways clean. DO NOT LITTER.

Reporting Street Hazards or Potholes

Potential hazardous street conditions and potholes are made safe by making temporary repairs to the affected area. Permanent repairs will be completed as funds become available.

To report a potential hazard on the Town rights-of-way, which involves sidewalks, curb & gutter, or uneven pavement surfaces, please call (301) 927-7048.

Street Light Repairs
Once street lights are installed, they are maintained by the utility companies. As a result, burned-out or damaged street lights should be reported to the utility company serving the area. This is usually the same company serving your home with electricity. The utility companies prefer for residents to report street light problems directly to their offices since residents are in a better position to provide the necessary information needed to address the problem.

Contact Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) – 1-877-PEPCO-62 (1-877-737-2662).

You can also report an issue at
When calling please have the following information

  • Utility pole number (#); and or
  • Closest Address to where the light is not working.


The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of all traffic control signs and street name signs on Town streets; this includes signs and pavement markings. Maintenance of traffic signals is the responsibility of the State Highway Administration (SHA).

To report damaged or missing traffic control signs or street name signs on Town streets, please contact our department (301) 927-7048.

To report any garbage, street, lighting, tree, storm-water issues, or other Town public infrastructure problems, please contact our Public Works Department.