Mayor & Council
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The Town of Bladensburg has a Council-Manager form of government. The Mayor and Town Council is the legislative body responsible for determining policies; ratifying and passing legislative ordinances; approving and adopting the annual budget; establishing the tax rate; undertaking public improvements; enacting local laws necessary for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare of the community; and for developing the goals and vision for the Town.

The Town is divided into Ward I and Ward II, with two (2) representatives from each Ward, while the Mayor is elected at-large by the residents of the Town.

Day-to-day operations of the Town’s various departments and implementation of policies established by the Mayor and Council are the responsibility of the Town Administrator, a professional administrator appointed by the Mayor and Town Council.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Town Council is the governing body of the Town of Bladensburg with direct responsibility for the formulation of Town Policy. General responsibilities of the Town Council include:

  • Hearing views of the public on matters concerning Town operations
  • Defining the Policy and Goals of the town
  • Improving programs and organizations for achieving Town goals
  • Deciding financial matters of the Town and the setting of a tax rate
  • Communicating the Town’s goals and concerns to other legislative bodies
  • Enacting all ordinances

Our Town Mayor & Council
Mayor and Council Photos - Copy (7)
Takisha James

Phone: (301) 927-7048

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Ward I Council Member
Trina Brown

Phone: (301) 927-7048
Ward I Council Member
Kalisha Dixon

Phone: (301) 927-7048

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Ward II Council Member
Marilyn Blount

Phone: (301) 927-7048 
Ward II Council Member
Carrol McBryde

Phone: (301) 927-7048